About Gr8 Guns

Gr8Guns was started for one basic reason. We want to provide good customer service to those who are not “gun experts” and help them get possibly their first weapon with as little confusion as possible and with absolutely no condescension.

When our founder started to buy guns in 2008, he noticed a common thread in most, if not all, of the gun shops he visited. The people working there were rude and condescending. They seemed to operate as if they were a special club and to be a member you had to know silly obscure and generally unneeded information about weapons. Also, if you could not “talk the talk”, you were not worth anyone’s time, and certainly not their respect.


Our founder, an Army Veteran, who had experience with many types of weapons, was annoyed with the “Better than Thou” attitude of apparent 14-year-old’s that would barely dain to explain to him why they thought a .308 was MUCH better than a .223. Oh and by the way, NOBODY says .223 anymore, those in the know say NATO or .556.

The other group that seems to exist in this business is what we call the “wannabe’s”, they may have been in the military for a day, or a few weeks, or washed out of boot camp, but by God, they know more about weapons and military tactics that any soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine that ever lived. We have news for them. They are full of what comes from the Southbound end of a Northbound mule.


After finding this lack of help or Customer Service prevalent in the Gun business, our founder started Excellence in Combat, or EIC, and registered the website www.Gr8Guns.com as a vehicle to launch his attack on A-holes in the gun business.

The point to this company is to provide anyone with information on preparing yourself with weapons, food, water purification, seed stock, and everything else that you may or may not have thought about in an emergency situation.

For example, we are currently in talks with a food manufacturer about partnering with them to provide long-term storable provisions, that we have taste tested and like. This company has meats cooked in a can, that can be safely stored for twenty or thirty years, as well as GREAT cheese and butter in cans, and many other items.

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