How to Buy

Buying from us is VERY SIMPLE.  There are two ways to buy, remotely, or at our shop.

Remote Purchase:

This is how you would buy something if you are not close enough to us to come by.  You call, find out if we have or have access to what you want, decide to buy it.  You pay by Credit Card by phone, we then ship the item to you.  Shipping will be discussed on an item by item basis. Call Now: 1-832-886-6000

Gun Shop

Shop Purchase:

If what you want is in stock and available, you can buy it when you come to our shop. 

If you come to us to buy at a Gun Show, the process is the same as at our shop.  You pay, Cash, Card, or check.  Checks and cards only accepted on GUN PURCHASES.  If you have a Concealed Handgun License or License to Carry issued from the State of Texas, we need that card and a State issued ID with a picture, and you can buy and take the gun right away.

If you do not have a CHL or LTC, the process is just a little longer, but not bad.  You need your State ID, and we do a quick background check, which takes just a minute or two, and when you pass, you can buy the gun and take it with you right then.

There are NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES or REFUNDS on ANY items we sell.  Almost EVERYTHING has a warranty, and those manufacturer’s warranties are your remedy for any problems that may occur.  This does NOT mean that you can’t call us, we will be happy to help in any way we can, and may go as far as being your advocate in dealing with a manufacturer where we can and deem it needed.  Remember, our MAIN goal is for you to be happy, and we will strive to accomplish that at all times.

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